It's Our Passion

Callens Film Production is a film studio and investment firm that produces ideas and stories we believe in.

We are dedicated to producing quality content that audiences love.

Callens Film Production takes pride in formulating creative and thought-provoking films that break the mold.

Callens Film Production combines art with cinematic storytelling to create films that illuminate deserving narratives. Our films span across major genres including business, horror, romance, and drama.

With expertise in film production, marketing, distribution, and screen writing, Callens Film Production is equipped with skilled in-house professionals who share a common goal of bringing amazing stories to life.

Our Team



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Callens Film Production strives to tell the unique and creative stories that audiences will always remember.

Ankit Patel

Cinematographer, Editor

Our goal is use the platform of filmmaking to illuminate deserving narratives.

Brandon Damiano

Actor, Producer, Director

Callens Film Production is dedicated to creating inventive movies that audiences truly want to see, whether on the silver screen, streaming services, or film festivals.

Jim Notaris